How to order

1. Send us a photo

Photo requirements:

For the qualitative design of the portrait all photos you send us must meet certain requirements:

- good quality (the better the reference is, the better portrait will turn out)

- high resolution

- good angle (viewpoint)

- natural and uniform illumination when features are clearly visible (avoid bright sunlight or photos taken in the dark room or outdoors with the flash as the only illumination)

An example of good reference photos

original present

An example of bad reference photos

original present

2. Transfer the deposit

As all portraits are drawn manually (without using filters) and this process takes a long time, we start to develop sketches after 50% payment is send

The use of the Photo Filter

original present

Manually drawing

original present

3. Approving the sketches

During the approving sketches we take into account all your requirements and make necessary corrections according to your wishes.

4. Receiving a parcel

We prepare (2 – 4 days) and send (delivery time is 1 – 3 days) fully stocked set (framed blank canvas, a jar (or jars) with glitters, an instruction, a polyethylene film, one brush and a planchette). You receive the parcel and pay the rest of the sum in cash or C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

5. Actualization (your brilliant performance, MagicArt mini-show)

Following the instruction, spray glitters on the canvas. And in a moment, you’ll receive sincere gratitude from all guests and the words of appreciation expressed by the hero of the day!

Just feel how pleasant it is to amaze your relatives and friends!